expresses that
which cannot be
put into words
and that which
cannot remain

Victor Hugo

Piotr is a versatile music composer unrestricted by genre and continuously engaging in collaborations with artists throughout the globe.

Piotr creates contemporary music, music for games, theater and film
drawing from his eclectic taste and stylistically diverse experience.
He collaborated with artists from diverse backgrounds: from Broadway
Style song commissions to electronic music productions.
He graduated with Master degree in music composition
from Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

(Detailed Curriculum vitae )

[2016]: Stage collaboration with choreographer Hee Ra Yoo at [Periapsis Music & Dance] series | New York, USA


[2016]: Sound design for Steppenwolf: A Musical Retelling | New York, USA


[2016]: Artistic collaboration with DJ/Producer - Marlo Hoogstraten | initiative by [Australian Music Centre]


[2016]: Soundtrack for “Au coeur de Charlot” | dance project by French choreographer, [Françoise Jasmin]


[2015]: Music/SFX for “Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker” & “Glob Trotters” | games by [Fliptus Pty Ltd]


[2015]: Music/SFX for “Rainbow Rumble” & “World Soccer Striker” | games by [Epic Jump Pty Ltd]


[2015]: Music for “Modes et métamorphoses” | dance project by French choreographer, [Françoise Jasmin]


[2014]: Music for “There are Trees that are Dancers” | play by [Elaine Hudson]


[2014]: Music for “Pinball League: Hardhat Zone” | game sequel by [Tainicom Inc.]


[2013]: Music for ”Elizabeth Taylor is my Mother” | piece by acclaimed theatre director, [Suzie Hardgrave]


[2013]: Soundtrack for “The Journey” –film by Marco Kamareddine premiered at the Cannes Festival.
Album nominated to “Best Soundtrack Album”award (APRA Screen Awards 2013)


[2011 - 2013]: Music for “The Gnostic Eden” | multi-media theater performance by [Pleroma Theatre Production] | Hong Kong


[2010 - 2014]: Sound and music for over twenty award-winning video game titles from [GiggleUp Pty Ltd]


[2013]: Music composition for “Walking With Dinosaurs” | game developed by [M5859 Studios], published by BBC


[2011]: Sound installations for the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver


[2011]: Soundtrack for “On Her Shoulders” | a documentary for UNIFEM, Australia


[2010]: A Finalist of international scoring competition “Indie Gathering 2010″  | Iowa, USA

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  • Gaming Showreel

  • The Sphinx and The Dragon

  • Gan Eden

  • Boy Who Loved The Rain

  • 4383 Days of the Child

  • GiggleUp Fairytale Maze

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